Andrei Protsouk – London Bridge Lovers (Sold)


Andrei Protsouk – London Bridge Lovers

Artist – Andrei Protsouk  (b.1961)

Title – London Bridge Lovers

Original Oil Paining on Canvas

Painting Size – 60 x 48″ Inches

Supplied in Original Frame

Andrei Protsouk

Born in Ukraine in 1961, Andrei Protsouk completed his Masters Degree in Fine Art at The Russian Royal Academy of Arts. This is one of the most prestigious classical MFA training programmes in the world. Which transcended from the European Baroque Masters of the 18th Century. During his classical training, Andrei was taught under the revered master artist Evsey Moiseenko. Moiseenko, a contemporary of other master artists, including Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, heavily influenced Andrei’s Art.

He moved in with his family to the USA in 1994, Subsequently Andrei has exhibited in galleries across the world with his work collected by both private collectors including former President George W. Bush and corporate clients such as: Coca-Cola, Johnny Walker Expo Co and Imperial Cosmetics.

Andrei has coined his technique of embedding straight, constructive line into all of his artwork as “Fine Line.” The language in his paintings can be seen as a continuous folly between his inner Russian roots and Western life and the soul of Andrei’s artwork is his infatuation with human relationships, love and beauty; the artist believes that “the universal language in the world is love”.

Andrei currently lives in Pennsylvania where he has his own studio and lives with his family. However Protsouk now exhibits his art globally with his work represented in Europe, New Zealand, Japan and the USA.

Andrei Protsouk – London Bridge Lovers



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