Bob Barker – Cobbled Together (Sold)


Bob Barker – Cobbled Together

A signed limited edition canvas on board by popular nostalgic artist Bob Barker.

Part of the Northern Light collection by Bob Barker. New for Spring 2017, Northern Light was released to mark Bob’s first museum exhibition, opening at Leeds City Museum early this year.

Wielding a near monochrome palette that is alive with dark intense shadows and pure white light, allows Barker to create an immense depth within each piece. However, it is not just the light that makes these pieces of artwork stand out, it is the poignancy of the memories it evokes, the nod to day to day living, and the stories that drive this collection. A Yorkshire man born and bred, nostalgia spurs him to paint the early years he remembers with such fondness.

”The echoes of my past become my future paintings.”

Image size: 26 x 26″ Inches
Framed size: 33 x 33″ Inches

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