Richard Fitton

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Richard Fitton is a young and ambitious artist who is already capturing peoples imagination with his own distinctive style. Originally from Oldham, he graduated from Loughborough University with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. He gained professional recognition in 2012 when he subsequently became the youngest ever member to be elected into the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.

Artist’s Statement

Painting in oils, I focus predominantly on form. However the subjects are a documentation of life and the environment, and both are the inspiration for my works. Using a painterly language to produce constructions of rooms, landscapes, individual motifs and objects through to the human form. My work continues to develop because of my passion for materiality of paint and for colour.

Using the subject as a vehicle, I transcribe the information into a final work that shows the relationship between the suggested subject and its environment, whilst engaging the viewer with its powerful sensation of colour. My paintings are a submissive response to the subject, and the paint takes on a life that emulates and sustains that subject’s individual properties. For example, see the dustiness on an old cabinet.

Ultimately, my determined and rigorous brushwork causes a constant interplay between the image and the materiality of paint. Resulting in a surface quality that can be admired by other painters. Whilst hopefully creating an intrigue for the viewer, by Richard Fitton.