Phil Ashley

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Phil Ashley  (b.1974)

Phil is best known for creating his distinct water reflection paintings of the areas surrounding Manchester.

There is a photographic, but painterly quality to his paintings. He has an excellent eye for colour and fine detail, however his work is not only realistic, it also captures the true likeness and personality of his subjects. He has been described as “One of the best water reflection artists to be seen anywhere”.

Water Reflections & Wildlife

Philip is passionate about painting water, however fuelled by a lifelong love of all things water related. Long distance swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, fresh water wildlife, marine life and marine conservation and draws inspiration for his paintings from many of the weird and wonderful water creatures.

“I am fascinated by all nature. My latest collection of paintings focus on the relationship of wildlife in the urban landscape. Even in the centre of a massively build up area (city centre), an oasis of tranquillity can be found amongst the waterways where wildlife can live in harmony with people. I love the reflections created in canals, ponds, puddles etc. of manmade structures and buildings. I try to capture the amazing psychedelic, almost hypnotic patterns, created on a sunny day”.