Peter Hayes – Tall Standing Stone (New In)



Peter Hayes – Tall Standing Stone

Peter Hayes – Tall Standing Stone with Blue Resin Top

Artist – Peter Hayes

Type – Tall Standing Stone

Approximate Size – 23″ Inches Tall



Peter Hayes ceramic sculptures have a unique appearance. Created with many years of experience using varied techniques, particular favourites are Raku firing then submerging pieces into the flowing river besides his studio. However Peter also sends pieces to Cornwall to be washed in the sea for months at a time. The water washes minerals such as copper and metal oxides into the basic white clay with which Peter works. Creating a characteristic green-blue “blush” in his sculptures along with random elements that make every piece unique. The effect is to create objects that look ancient, and perhaps even a little alien.

The distinctive appearance of Peter Hayes‘ ceramic sculpture comes from a technique called Raku firing. Raku generally refers to a type of low-firing process. Western-style raku usually involves removing pottery from the kiln while at bright red heat. Then placing it into containers with combustible materials. This produces an intense reduction atmosphere which affects the colours in glazes and clay bodies.


Peter was born in Birmingham in 1946, and at age 12 attended the Moseley School of Art. In 1961 he left to study at the Birmingham College of Art before travelling in Africa. Over the course of several years, Peter worked as a ceramic artist with tribes and village potters. Subsequently inspiring him with the work they produced using very limited technology and tools. Moving on to India, Nepal, Japan, Korea and New Mexico, he found similar skills and adopted the techniques he learned. In 1982, Peter came back to the UK and built a studio in a disused toll house on Cleveland Bridge, Bath.
Peter Hayes artwork is featured in many public & private collections in the UK and abroad.

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