Iryna Yermolova – Leila Sketch II (Sold)


Iryna Yermolova – Leila Sketch II


TITLE: Leila Sketch II


24″ x 12″ INCHES – HIGH QUALITY FRAME (FRAMED SIZE 32″ x 20″ Inches)

Iryna Yermolova – Leila Sketch II


Iryna Yermolova


Strongly influenced by the Ukraine artist, Alina Maksimenko, Iryna also draws inspiration from Degas, Egon Schiele and Toulouse Lautrec. She refers to them as ‘her masters and her teachers’ as she experiments with colour and texture and an almost innate understanding of the materiality of oil paint, creating delicious tensions between the thin washes and thick impasto in her work. Iryna says,

Above all “I love colours, I love experimenting with texture and different media. I love my palette knife more than my brush. The subject of my paintings is not so important for me as the composition. I think my graphic design background makes me always put composition and colours in first place.”

Iryna’s paintings have great depth and the texture and light she builds into each piece add further dimension to the canvas. Her landscapes and still lifes are inviting and her figures captivating, with a warm and tactile quality.

During 7 consecutive years Iryna Yermolova has been selected to exhibit at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition. Mall Galleries, London.

Formally trained in graphic design, it was Iryna’s move to England and her love for the English countryside that inspired her to start painting full time. Her work has been featured in Dorset Life Magazine and more recently in Artists and Illustrators (January 2014). Winner of the Windsor and Newton Prize for Life Drawing Portrait in 2011, Iryna has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters at Mall Galleries and Chianchiano Biennale, Italy in 2013. However she now currently lives and works in Dorset, England.

Iryna’s paintings are perfect for the modern home. However we always have a great display of her work on display in the gallery.

Iryna Yermolova – Leila Sketch II

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