Hilary Burnett Cooper – Looking for crabs, Robin Hoods Bay (New In)


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Hilary Burnett Cooper

Title: Looking for crabs, Robin Hoods Bay

Acrylic on Canvas

Genuine Original Painting – Signed

Framed – Yes (See Photos)

30 x 30″ Inches (Framed Size 36 x 36″ Inches)

Hilary Burnett Cooper – Looking for crabs, Robin Hoods Bay

The luminous paintings of Hilary Burnett Cooper seek out the light wherever it can be found – in a reflection on a lake, in the upraised faces of seaside holiday makers, or slanting over a crumbling Venetian façade. She has always been drawn to compositions featuring the light, especially reflecting on water or on individuals or groups of people, and this is the combination of fascinations is what drew her to painting her subjects of choice – beach scenes, and the incomparable city of Venice.

The coast of course contains both of these elements. Hilary says: “The light is so fantastic by the sea and the atmosphere is so refreshing even on a bad day.” She adds: “I also paint Venice at every opportunity. Again it’s on the coast and has plenty of people and there is nowhere else in the world like it – it is unique. I like to paint into the light on some of my subjects and capture a ‘halo’ effect around the people. It adds to the drama of the piece and creates atmosphere.”

Hilary started painting in a representational and exacting style covering local scenes and exhibiting in many galleries throughout Yorkshire and the North-West. Over the years however her style has developed and matured and she has adopted a more loose, contemporary approach.

Hilary started exhibiting and sold her first painting at the Yorkshire Artists Exhibition at the age of 17 in 1981. The early promise has led to great things, and her work is now sold across the country both through galleries and to her private and corporate collectors – the Halifax Building Society has a collection of 22 of her pieces. She has won numerous national awards including The Rexel prize, the Daler-Rowney award and the Clairefontaine award.



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