Geoffrey Key – Isolated Heads Book



Geoffrey Key – Isolated Heads Book by Nick Brown OBE FRSA

Geoffrey Key – Isolated Heads Book – A book documenting a series of 30 paintings created during lockdown early 2020.

Isolated Heads Book was published 6th November 2020, hardback fully illustrated Limited to 500 Copies – Hand Signed By the Artist

These thirty heads provide a moving panorama of the state of mind brought into being by a world where everyday life became inverted and, as such, they provide an artistic record of those times in a medium far more expressive and emotional and immediate than either the written or spoken word. They were painted in solitude and created out of chaos and social breakdown. They transcend their existential nature by helping us understand what we went through. When we are finally able to look back, I suspect they will come to be regarded as one of the most important and singular records of the lockdown. Perhaps of more significance is the fact that they are thirty paintings of great beauty in which we can recognise our own inner feelings and take joy from that. What Degas once said of Manet also applies to Geoffrey Key. “He was more important than we realised.”

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