Jon Middlemiss

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Jon Middlemiss

I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales, which I still feel to be my spiritual homeland. My creative work was inspired by a childhood in which I was free to roam the landscape and play in nature. I was taught at home by my mother until I was twelve years old. My love of nature has always stayed with me and been a root influence in my creativity. Years of studying and using spiritual practices has strengthened and added to this.

Above all my work has always been inspired by the spiritual practices I have engaged with. However meditation in the Western Mystical Tradition led to my first major exhibition in 1979 and subsequent exhibitions grew from this. Shamanism and Buddhism led to painting and land art projects, using appropriate media for each opportunity. As a lecturer/facilitator I often combine spirituality and creativity.

For over twenty years I focused on ceramic sculpture and made a living for my young family selling work around the world. Pieces received international awards and museum placements. In the 2000’s I took workshops on sensory awareness in nature into all levels of education (Arts Council).

For many years I was an external lecturer and assessor at University College Falmouth (HE). More recently I taught around 60 students staff and members of the public at Brunel University Arts Centre (FE). I am also a spiritual development workshop facilitator.