Stephanie Dingle (1926 - 2017)

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Stephanie Dingle (1926 – 2017) Born in Lancaster in 1926. Stephanie trained as a nurse and later as a midwife. She attended the Warrington School of Art and was also taught by one of the great northern painters, William Turner, Stephanie was one of his selected group of 11 up and coming artists who studied with him for 6 years. Naïve, academic mid-20th century style is reminiscent of their work.
Her paintings are inspired by both her home environment and her garden, and from far flung travels, particularly her many visits to France. Her use of bold brushwork and colour complements the simplified stylised subject matter in her paintings.
Stephanie has exhibited at The Royal Cambrian Academy, Manchester Academy (1987 Prizewinner), Stockport, Warrington and Crewe Art Galleries. She is represented in numerous private and public collections including The Rutherstone Collection and Manchester City Gallery.