Rourke Van Dal

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Rourke Van Dal paintings are featured in our gallery in Bramhall. We specialize in bringing Rourke Van Dal Original Paintings to Cheshire. Craig Everett also know as Rourke Van Dal was born with a wooden spoon in his mouth on a council estate in Bradford. Northern England. In a decade of Punk Rock, Skins, Doc martins and skateboards. A totally self taught artist with no qualifications. He nurtured his creative talents decorating the concrete kingdom and rundown warehouses.


A man out on a limb, what is considered the norm is out of the window, a risk taker. He explores and invents every technique known to man, a true Artrepeneur. A player in the evolvement of the movement known as Urban Art, A movement which rose from the Streets. An art which began life as an ephemeral art form disappearing as fast as it appeared, it grew on a worldwide scale. Urban Art completing its transition from underground subculture to mainstream art movement, and continues beyond today.

First of all Rourke is about one man and his love for Art. Consequently his journey from humble beginnings through his life as all revolved around one thing, that is making a mark on anything he can get his hands on.