Mark Elliott

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Contemporary Northern School Artist Mark Elliott (b. 1974 Manchester).
MP Elliot is an up & coming artist who specializes in atmospheric paintings with inspiration from the Northern Art Scene. Mark Elliot’s atmospheric paintings are now appearing in galleries across the country.
He is a self-taught artist from Moston, Manchester… who’s biggest influences have been L S Lowry. Theodore Major and Trevor Grimshaw. Although his works are relatively new to the Northern Art scene his work is capturing the imagination of the Northern Art Collectors. He is now featuring on the Northern School of Artists website which includes artists such as L S Lowry. BRAAQ Brian Shields (search the web for ‘Northern School Artists’).

Northern School

Mark Elliott takes his inspiration from old school style of Northern Art. However he researches a lot about the history of industrial Britain, its people, the northern mills, factories and much more.

Mark is now gaining recognition worldwide, with us selling his works to America & Australia.