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Geoffrey Key –  An Artist of National Importance.

Geoffrey Key, whose career spans over six decades sold his first painting in 1959. And for many years been one of Britain’s foremost artists. His work is held in national and international galleries. And private, corporate and public collections including. Among many others, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Art Library. Manchester Art Gallery and Salford Museum & Art Gallery. This should come as no surprise as his work is both instantly recognisable and constantly developing. As one of the books written about his art says. ‘From its beginnings, Geoffrey Key’s work has followed thematic lines in an evolutionary progression.’


Born in 1941 Geoffrey was educated at the Manchester High School of Art. Then at The Regional College of Art in Manchester which had helped hone the skills of many prominent artists. He has constantly studied to add to his technique including a post- grad course in sculpture. An important phase of his early development was his concentration on paintings and drawings of Whiteley Nab in Derbyshire. The relationship of shape and forms he observed there led to his art shifting from. ‘Purely representational to something simplified and more abstracted.’ This Nab imagery still attracts attention and debate so many years later.

Geoffrey Key quickly gained a reputation as a serious artist and started to mount solo exhibitions. Since then his work has been exhibited across the globe and he has earned international acclaim. One of the reasons for this is his art has never stuck with one particular style because it was successful. Rather he has always been prepared to take risks and in the words from one of his collectors. ‘He completes the current phase that inspires then moves on as the muse takes him.’

Just look back over the huge corpus of work that Geoffrey had created. And judge for yourself how true those words were. Described as one of the most important living painters. Geoffrey Key is the subject of many books articles and TV programmes. As his work has continued to evolve so has its value and the number of art lovers, and investors who collect it.