Dean Entwistle

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Dean Entwistle. “My aim is to uncover something hidden in plain sight. Each painting is an attempt to express thoughts and feelings that connect, stimulate and intrigue the viewer.”


Tempera has been a little used painting medium in recent years. This is mainly due to the time consuming process, and skill it requires to produce paintings of the highest quality. Especially compared to the comparative ease of other modern paints. Tempera is a method of painting which pre-dates oil paint. once cured its a permanent paint which consists of pure pigment mixed with a ‘binder’ – typically this is egg yolk! Due to the high concentration of pigment that is used, it is incredibly long lasting, light fast and won’t fade. The paint is applied in thin, transparent layers although great precision is required as the layers dry very quickly. Once the painting is completed, it then takes 12 months to ‘cure’ in which the surface hardens and the colours become more vivid.

Seven musical notes, seven colours, Dean believes that the landscape can be engaged with beyond its surface. “I recognise that both musicians and painters share a process in an expression of resonance, tone, composition, colour, layers, harmony and rhythm. I find tempera in particular holds the secret to recording moods and sense of place in a distinctive way not expressed using other painting mediums.”


Dean endeavours to reflect and translate feelings and emotions through the subtle and responsive medium of watercolour. Dean uses watercolour because of its ability to capture atmospherics – the evocative relationship between light and weather. He believes that watercolour resonates truly within the strong British Romantic tradition.

He only produces around twelve paintings per year. Which means they will always be special paintings, as demand will always out strip supply. The investment potential of both his original works has recently become evident as they are highly sought after by collectors. Dean’s work regularly hangs alongside artists such as John Bellany CBE RA, Maurice Cockrill RA, L.S. Lowry RA, Theodore Major, Harold Riley, John Piper CH, Barbara Rae RA, Peter Howson OBE, Adolphe Valetti, Graham Sutherland OM, Sir William Russell Flint and Geoffrey Key.

Dean Entwistle exhibits several times per year around the UK and overseas, including the Royal Watercolour Society.