David Whitlam

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David Whitlam has been producing Surrealist art for over a decade. His passion for drawing began in childhood, but it was only while studying for a degree in Graphic Art that he became fascinated with the Surrealist Movement and the notion of producing work from the subconscious.

His pictures, inspired by the technique of automatic drawing, begin as spontaneous doodles, which are then developed into traditional paintings, or digital art.

In 2005 he joined the Vernon Mill Artists, one of the largest studio-based art groups in the UK, housed in a Victorian cotton mill in Stockport.
His work has appeared in numerous art books and publications, and he is a founder member of the Bristol-based Art and Literature magazine ‘Dark Lane Quarterly’. He has produced illustrations for authors including Kris Saknussemm, Gary McMahon, Douglas Lain, Kevin L. Donihe, Ash Dickinson, and for the British Fantasy Society.