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Dave Hartley Artist

Dave Hartley Artist Original Pencil Drawings for Sale. Born in 1970, and originally hailing from Hyde, Dave is now based in Stockport. Often focusing on the ordinary and unnoticed aspects of everyday urbanism, he seeks out remnants of a forgotten time, capturing the rugged beauty of a lost landscape which was once so commonplace in the towns of Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale and Stockport. Skilfully he immortalises them in a distinctive and unique style of graphite art. These are not just good drawings, but Spectacular representations of living in a Northern Town.

Dave’s most significant influence has been the late Trevor Grimshaw.  Who, like himself, produced evocative pencil drawings of the northern industrial landscape. Unlike Grimshaw, however Dave often includes a distinctive human element in his work. As a result giving the pieces a strong narrative aspect, conspicuously absent in Trevor’s drawings. Furthermore the paintings of Edwin Butler Bayliss, Harry Rutherford and Adolphe Valette also continue to be great sources of inspiration to Dave.

Dave’s work regularly appears on the Northern Art page of Facebook and he has exhibited throughout the North West of England in many galleries. These include Todmorden Fine Art, The Colin Jellicoe Gallery, Colourfield Gallery and Stockport Art Gallery. Featuring in many private collections, his original drawings are now becoming widely sought after.