Dean Entwistle SprezzaturaDean Entwistle Sprezzatura

Dean Entwistle – Sprezzatura (New In)



Dean Entwistle Sprezzatura Tempera Painting

Dean Entwistle Sprezzatura Tempera Painting.

This painting was featured in the ‘A Tale Between Two Cities’ exhibition at Chester Cathedral.
Artist: Dean Entwistle
Title: Sprezzatura
Sprezzatura Tempera Painting on Board
Size 24″ x 13″ Inches (Framed Size 29 x 18″ Inches)
High Quality Hand Crafted Frame


The name given to a newly reconfigured version of egg tempera, by the international egg tempera community. The noun is the Italian term for studied carelessness, meaning to make something which is difficult, appear effortless. All egg tempera technical terms, which describe the process of making an egg tempera paintings, are named in Italian, in respect to the Italian artistic renaissance, and it’s importance as a foundation of western culture.
Sprezzatura is made possible because of 21st century science, where the addition of extra oxygen molecule, is added to traditional egg tempera emulsion, releasing the medium from the historic confines of crosshatching and solid blocks of paint, to a painting medium with a new found freedom. It’s this freedom that Elaine Preece Stanley and Dean Entwistle explored, accumulating in the UK’s largest ever exhibition of egg tempera paintings, 2021 at Chester Cathedral. Both painters attest, that Sprezzatura is the most versatile painting medium they’ve ever used. Plans are currently being discussed , to integrate Sprezzatura into art education, initially  with The Royal Cambrian Academy and The Art Academy London.

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