Ian Rawling

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Ian has been drawing, painting, making & generally mucking about with art for as long as he can remember (which isn’t actually that long as he have a memory like his son’s goldfish, Barry!) Ian has worked the streets as a pavement artist to help pay my way as an art student in Chester & Sheffield, illustrated hundreds & hundreds of greeting cards & is now enjoying life as a fine artist & creator of big friendly characters.

Ian Says:
I do watch people a fair bit & always take a little sketchbook with me whether I’m sat on a train or sat on the beach. In my paintings I hope to convey the simple pleasures in life, such as a bike ride through the woods or eating chips on the beach through my larger than life characters & the situations I put them in. I use a limited colour palette & subtle shading with soft pastels which I think helps to make my paintings bold & cheerful. If I can bring a smile to people’s faces on seeing my paintings then that makes me happy too!